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"With Both Hands" provides the budding carpenter with all that is needed to build wooden items - from the sketching stage, and until the finishing touches. Our services begin with consulting and planning, understanding proportions, taking into account the strength and resistance of the materials, creating a work plan, choosing the best materials, and guidelines for using the tools. Following the initial planning stages, we will help you create your desired product exactly as you imagined it, taking you through all of the stages until it is beautifully sanded and painted. 





Our spacious workshop is fully equipped with top of the line carpentry tools, ready to help you create your dream product; including safety gear, finishing and assembling products, and an air pressure point to clean off when you're ready to take a break. We provide personal storage compartments for your belongings, as well as offering hot coffee and refreshing beer in our relaxing lounge area.

Inspiring workspace

The finishing touches

Our work isn't done until your product is complete. We realize that the finishing stages are an extremely important part of the process and take great care to properly polish, sand, and paint every item. Extra attention at this stage gives the product a clean, smooth and attractive appearance.

Our workshop is equipped with the best tools and multi grade sanding paper for the perfect finish. When it comes to choosing a painting method, we offer two different options:

1 - Painting the product yourself in our workshop using water-based colors and varnishes that are considered environment-friendly and easy to use. 

2 - Sending the product to be painted in an external professional paint shop, allowing you to choose an exact shade using acrylic and epoxy colors.





Looking for an original birthday present/ an enriching experience / a special activity while visiting Israel?

We provide group workshops in which we build together an item of your choice, for you to take home. Together we build your item, step by step, using the right tools and with our full guidance. 

The group workshop provides hours of fun, develops the ability to plan and design, improves physical and technical skills, and also offers a great bonding experience for groups.

Group workshop

group workshop of your choice

- Hanukkiah/Menorah

- Candlesticks

- Hamsa

- Plant pot

- Decorative shelves

- Shoe stand

- Pet food and water stand

- Meditation stool

- Jewelry stand

- Many many more! 


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Whats the story?

"With Both Hands" is an inspiring and pleasant carpentry workspace. It doesn't matter whether you have the experience or not, here you can build whatever you wish in a professional, relaxed environment, with help and guidance throughout the entire process.
The workshop provides everything you need - tools, raw materials, personal carpenter tables, and safety gear, enabling you to work at ease and in comfortable surroundings, reaching great results. All you need to bring is your shoes and your vision :)
My name is Niv Rubin, I'm a geologist, the 3rd generation to a family of carpenters, and a carpenter myself. I believe that carpentry gives everyone the chance to create and make products that are both practical, and pieces of art. "With Both Hands" fulfills my dream to enable carpentry and DIY lovers to work and make their imagination become a reality.
Come join our community of carpenters and get to work :)